Monday, February 15, 2010

Construction Party Theme!

Here is an inspiration board I made to gather some ideas for a party I am planning for a client. I found some great ideas, but still have many ideas up my sleeve that I couldn't find pictures of. I can't wait to get started. Here are some of the great blogs and websites I found during my search!


  1. VERY CUTE! I recently made some party decor for a construction themed event!

  2. Very cute. I love a constructions theme. I can't wait to see the party.

  3. It is such a great theme for a boy (or a girl I suppose). Great inspiration board!

  4. kami--i am a new follower of your blog, what fabulous ideas--in particular i love this fab construction party inspiration board! i can't wait to spend some time to pour over your custom designs!!!!! i would love to chat parties with you! please feel free to contact me anytime, also, not sure if you would be interested, but i inviet you to enter a little giveaway at my blog,, seeing how you love parties, you may love this giveaway!

    seriously, great, stylish, fun blog, SO glad i found you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kindest regards,

  5. Thanks for sharing the love! Your blog is so fun and an inspiration for sure!
    The Hip Hostess

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