Monday, February 22, 2010

My daughter's first Birthday party!

Here is a little of my daughter's 1st birthday from November 2008. This was before I really started my obsession for party blogs, etsy, google images, and all to do with the party world. I was inspired to share after reading my new friends blog over at A Blissful Nest. I loved her party and I love to see how far we have come thanks to all the great party inspirations out there. My blog started out featuring some of my sewing designs and custom orders and is slowly turning into a blog about how I LOVE PARTiES!!
I made this door sign inspired by some I had found on Etsy
Forgive my plastic table cloths.
this is before I knew of cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers. Who knew I could make those myself? I made this cupcake using the Wilton cupcake pan. Not very good at decorating. One thing I need to work on is my cake decorating skills.

I made her cupcake shirt, tutu and hat

I made her cute little invites. My graphic skills are a bit better now but I still love them because this was her 1st!

I made her little birthday hat that she never wore.
Party favors. Not very original, just a bag of goodies and some really plain tags.


  1. Adorable party! I love all of the pink!

  2. Okay, that is way more fabulous than my feeble attempt! You did a great job and I am going to have you do more shirts for Lauren. Yours are so adorable. PS- wilton cupcake looked pretty darn good to me. I just signed up for a cake decorating class this week!

  3. i like this idea, it is simple. i think i am gonna do a pink cupcake theme idea for Julianna's first party, something small for her fist ;o) this is sooo cute!!


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