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Fun Back to School Party Ideas!

Back to School Party Ideas party by: merry B events

SOOO fun! Can't wait (I mean really my child going to school I can wait on) to plan these super fun parties one day soon! Here are some last minute great ideas for Back to School! Make school exciting for kids with a great big Celelbration! YAY Back to School!... okay, it sounds more fun when there is a party involved!
here is her party in her words...
With school starting next week here in Alabama, hosting a Back-to-School party will help ease your grade-schooler back into the fall routine. Have your party before school starts and invite friends and neighbors or push it back to the weekend after school starts so that you can include all of your child’s new classmates.

Decorate with all the necessities of fall. At our event, a chalkboard hung with ribbon announces the occasion. Table decorations include an assortment of apples and cheerfully colored school supplies, which can later be dropped into personalized brown paper bags and given to guests as party favors.

An apple place card and watercolors mark place settings for each guest and placemats are made of basic handwriting paper. PB & J sandwiches tucked into oversized pencil cases are paired with all the traditional school lunch trimmings – chocolate milk, baby carrots, applesauce and Hostess™ Ding Dongs – for a festive meal. We tucked a napkin and spoon into little paper pockets similar to the ones that were pasted inside library books ‘back in the day’.

Plan a few fun party games or activities such as:

* Don’t Miss the Bus Race – Have the children pack a lunch, grab homework, collect milk-money from mom, put it all in their backpack and hop on the bus

* Volcano science experiment – Things have changed since Peter Brady got hot lava all over the Brady den. Now you can pick up a pre-made kit that erupts more gently… and the kids still love seeing it in action.

* What I Did on My Summer Vacation Charades – Give each guest a turn to act out their favorite summer memory.

* Scavenger Hunt for school supplies.

* Show & Tell – Invite guests to bring something to share with ‘classmates’.

* Create handprints using tempura paint and colored construction paper.

* Play Red Rover, Freeze tag or Kickball.


  1. So cute and just what I was looking for! Thanks for being so creative!

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