Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The invitations! I used the papers from the dimpleprints digital kit I bought off of Etsy. Jennifer Shirley Photography took the pictures and did the invitations.
She worked with me on my vision and made them exactly how I wanted! I love them.

Welcome to Emmy's Circus Party!
Crepe Paper is a very inexpensive way to decorate!

I decided the easiest way to do the cake was to go to my local Brookshires Grocery store and pick up a double layer round cake already mad with cream cheese frosting. Then I added the rest. I made the bow with layers and layers of left over ribbon and bought the Birthday sign at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section along with the E also! Easy and turned out cute for around $25

Snow cone cupcakes... How cute are these! Everyone loved them! I got the idea http://karascupcakes.blogspot.com/ I used sugar sprinkles but I suggest using the large ice crystals to look more like ice snowcones, but I think they turned out cute and they tasted good too. If you have to buy store bought icing for convenience, you should buy the "Whipped" icing. It is so smooth and is so GOOD! I had to make the box to hold these things, they still don't stand up too straight! Vender cupcake holder are too expensive!
Popcorn cupcakes! Wew! Thanks to my MIL for helping me apply 360 marsh mellows! I made the cupcake wraps out of paper from Michaels (the only place I could find red and white striped paper) and made these labels to stick on the front!

Prizes I picked up along the way at the dollar stores and Michaels!
Picture corner!
Bullseye, Pin the tale on the Donkey game and Games sign is from Hobby Lobby and the Water balloon toss game from Michaels. Use your 40% off coupons at both places to cut down on cost!!! I was up late the night before filling up the water balloons but it was all worth it! I used PVC pipe, stuck in the ground with rebar. The red/white pendants are from Oriental Trading!
Table set up...didn't last too long because of wind. Ran out of time to decorate the chairs but they need some tulle or to be covered completely!
Little kids table with Emmy's personalized placemat!
I made all the signs with fun fonts I have collected from http://kevinandamanda.com/
Face painting sign from Hobby Lobby

Candy buffet tables with creative fun labels I made for each. Of course the kids loved this table!!!
Paper bags from Hobby Lobby, I punched holes and added ribbon for handles, Also, added the tags to the front that say "Thank you for making my party sweet"
Lots of fun festive food! Peanuts, Animal Crackers, Cracker Jacks, Cotton Candy, Chips, Pretzels, Popcorn, Hotdogs!!!

I made this sign that said
"Grab a bag take some treats...Enjoy some sugar because you are sweet!
I found these Carosel candy from Dollar Tree for 25 cents each. WOW! So cute!
Signs from Hobby Lobby. I rented the popcorn machine and bought the Hot dog machine from Walmart.com. It made the most perfect Hot dogs!
I bought him from a local party store Paper Shack.


I bought these CIRCUS letters from Hobby lobby and covered them with paper. I hot glued wood dowels to the back and stuck them in the hay bail.

Dig for Prizes!!

Finally, my wonderful little face painter painted her own face! So cute!

All the photography was done by me also, so it's not the best quality. This party was held the weekend after Thanksgiving so my friend and photographer was out of town. Anybody that books a party with me, I will have a photographer available for Birthday photos, custom invitaions, and event photos. I will list more information on this soon!

To visit my previous post on this party featuring DIY ideas Go HERE and HERE


  1. Emmy's circus birthday party looks like soo much fun! I can't wait for B's first birthday! I hope I can pull something that awesome off!

  2. Girl -
    That party was some kind of knock-out! You are SO creative. There are definitely some ideas I plan on stealing for Riley Grace's next birthday!

  3. I envy your creativity! I can't wait until I have a baby room that needs decorating! You will absolutely be the first person I call!!

  4. Again, I just love it all!!! Pick me, pick me for the drawing!!!!!:)

  5. I am a new follower and love your blog! You are so talented. Can't wait to see all your posts this year.

  6. What fun! Love all the details! I'll be following from now on;o) Stop by my blog when you get a chance!


  7. Holy Birthday Party - Batman! That looks like the MOST fun! I would love it and I am 30-something! : )

    THanks for linking!

  8. Wow! I want to come back as your precious daughter in my next life. Such a fun birthday party!!!

  9. Found you from creativeparty place link... LOVE the party! It's so well done! The photo booth pics are the best though! Amazing!


  10. This is so elaborate~I LOVE it!!! I found you on Creative Party Place. I am having a circus party in Aug. Some awesome ideas!

  11. Hi. I saw your party on the creative hostess, how lovely! Just wanted to let you know I am running a contest where you can win $100 gift card to Anthropologie- I think your party would be a great addition- http://thecitycradle.com/throw-an-imperfect-party-win


  12. Where did you find the red and white striped cardstock for the candy jar labels? I've scoured the end of the earth and still can't find any!

  13. Hi Kami, I came across your site while I was looking for ideas for my daughter's circus party in July. You did an amazing job on your daughter's party. How did you bake the snow cone cupcakes? I'm thinking of making them for the circus party.


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