Friday, April 23, 2010

Raggedy Ann Party!

I have seen lots of pictures from this party, but when I really looked at the girl and stopped obsessing over the party, I fell in love. She reminds me of my favorite red-headed sister. This child is amazing and makes this party not just appeal to my creative side, but pulls at my heart strings too. Go to One Charming Party to see lots more posts on this Raggedy Ann party! Lots of ideas and information on how to pull off such an Awesome, beautiful party!

I’ve posted a bunch of great pictures over the past two weeks of this Raggedy Ann party. If you missed them, click on the Raggedy Ann tag at the bottom of this post or the Raggedy Ann category in the right hand list. And I’d like to thank Nicole Hill Gerulat for taking these awesome pictures.

April 1st, 2010

How I made these sandwiches:
1. I cut a piece of thick paper into a square, the size that I wanted the sandwiches to be.
2. I cut each piece of bread to the size of the cardboard, removing the crusts.
3. I spread jam between two pieces of bread and made the sandwiches.
4. I measured the size of the bread/cardboard and cut scrapbooking paper to about 3/4 the size of the bread and long enough to wrap around the sandwich.
5. I folded the paper where it bent around the sandwich to make a crease, then I taped the paper together.
Have I confused you yet?

I found the cups in this picture at my local thrift store (for a deal). I cut regular length red-striped straws in half to fit in the cups. I put heart shaped ice cubes in the juice as well, but they melted too quickly to get a good picture of them.


  1. Love this!!!!

  2. This whole design is just adorable! I love the little bags. Thanks for sharing.


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