Saturday, March 9, 2013

4th Birthday Party for a Princess

For my daughter, Emmy's 4th Birthday, she wanted a Princess party, and more unoriginal than that she wanted the Disney Princesses. :( I would prefer a more creative theme, but since she has dressed up like a Princess character everyday for the last year, we would just go for it and make it work. I tried to still make it original and use as little of "Disney" as we could. 

First, we started out taking pictures of her on a white background dressed up as her favorite Princess characters. Then, I edited them and had them printed poster size from Sam's and attached them using Mod Podge to plywood. 

For the party planning, I separated the themes into sections. The Belle tent was for the Tea Party with Belle, the Cinderella table held food and had a small table for "dress up" items, and Sleeping Beauty had candy and goodies, along with their Sweet Dreams custom made pillows. The runway fashion show was a special request. They walked down to a collection of Disney songs that I downloaded and had playing throughout the party. 

Belle's Tea Party

I made menus for each place setting and cut out dress toppers to stick in the cupcakes. 

Sleeping Beauty

I appliqued all the girls initials on the pillows and added my custom personalized labels for each. 


They had their makeup done by Cinderella and Belle,  the Fairy God Mother made
their faces sparkle and their hair shine with magical glitter spray. 

Fashion Show with all the girls! They loved walking the "runway". They twirled and 
posed for all the flashing cameras. 

Story time with the Fairy God Mother, Belle and Cinderella

The Princesses are from a local company, Shreveport Princess Parties. They 
were very entertaining and helpful. The girls really enjoyed them and Emmy 
loved her special necklace and tiara she received from the Fairy God Mother. 

Here are some of the designs I created for this theme.  I will be creating 
printable kit with all the designs and have it available here on the blog in a 
post coming up soon. 

Oh, and yes, there were boys at this party! Let's just call them the Prince Charmings. 
I found all the swords, shields and arm guards from The Dollar Tree. 

I wanted to include a few extra snap shots of some of my favorite moments at the 
end of the party.  

This is me, I'm Snow White, I'm sure you guessed that. It's so obvious, right? 

Paper Party Designs: by Kami Buchanan Custom Designs
Barbie Cakes: made local by Stephanie Taylor 
Sugar Cookies: made local by Stacey Crawford
(please feel free to pin designs and have them recreated by a cake and cookie designer local to you)
Pom Pom Balls: by Kami Buchanan Custom Designs
Colored Lanterns: Hobby Lobby
Plates/Napkins: Party City
Mini Cupcake Stands:

I'm sorry I have been away from the blog so long. Due to Pinterest, I still get emails and comments weekly with questions from the blog, I have a lot of making up to do. This party was a year ago in November so I'll be back soon with her 5th Birthday Party. It was my all time favorite! 

I hope you enjoyed the party.  Please leave a comment with any questions and I'll be happy to answer them.


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