Sunday, February 14, 2010

So cute Peaches and Cream party!

Look at this super cute party I found at Juicy Bits. I just love this! I want to have a farm or go to a farm and pick peaches! What a sweet party! I just love the fabric lined baskets and the peach ice cream cones. So cute! I went to her site because she also won an award from Most Adorable Kids Party of 2009 Contest Winners!!! | Creative Hostess for her Construction party. I am planning one right now for a client and got a lot of inspiration from her party. Colors, cones and lots of Creativity! Check it out too!

Here is the 1st part of her post in her words. She has a part 2 also on her blog.

Peach welcome



Here at long last are the details of Aurora's 5th birthday party.


The theme: peaches and cream

The location: a farm

The activities: peach picking, eating ice cream, and much more.


I'm happy to report that we were blessed with gorgeous, sunny (if somewhat windy) weather. That's the totally stressful part of planning an outdoor party away from home. I had all of 1 1/2 hours to decorate the tent. Not pretty. Thankfully I had some helpful family around. The tent had giant peach paper lanterns strung up with felt leaves.


I also made some fabric garlands that ran across the support bars with mini peach lanterns hanging down. Totally didn't anticipate the amount of wind so it was hard to get a decent picture, by my friend Christianne did it again.

The yellow jackets dug all the sweets I made: cupcakes, fruit bouquet, peach shaped cake pops (a la Bakerella), and take home candies.

Peach collage 2

The tables were covered with plastic (stapled because of the wind) and then fabric runners. I love all the different peachy fabric I was able to collect for this party. I used them for the runners, for garlands, for the buffet tablecloths and to line the baskets. I wanted it all to have a patchwork-y feel so I used a lot of different prints. I think I could cut up the tablecloths and made an adorable quilt someday.

Peach collage 3
The centerpieces were wooden boxes (my dad made them) that I painted and put chunks of wheat grass in. I originally saw the idea here. I love that they were fresh and green but not floral arrangements that would be expensive and have to be made the day before. The flowers are made from Raffia with little looms that I first saw from Cathy of Cal.

The peach picking meant everyone got to go home with their own fabric-lined basket full of peaches.

Peach collage 1
And since my daughter loves it so much, we had an ice cream cart (a whole issue, read part 2) with cone wraps to match the color scheme.

Peach collage 4


  1. Kami,
    This photos are so beautiful! Talent girl, that is sheer talent. You mentioned several friends and blogs in this post, you should pop on over and link to my party!

  2. That is a beautiful party. Love the theme and colors and peaches. i just found your blog. You are so talented.

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