Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kids 4th of July party!

I planned a little small party for my daughter and her 3 little friends that live next door. I kept it small to keep the cost down. I wish all parties could be this cheap and easy! Fun was had by all! Have a great 4th of JULY weekend!
KB Custom Design Party Banner
I made the labels, I printed the cupcake toppers from HERE
So yummy, the best part were the mini blueberry muffins dipped in whipped icing!
My flip flop rice crispy treats didn't turn out too well. I did all of this last minute and didn't have the right icing. They tasted good just looked like a kid made them!
Red, White and Blue punch or Hawaiian punch with blueberries and ice cubes!
little mason jars with watermelon!

Yum! I recycled my hot dog maker and popcorn holders from my Circus party! I told my husband I would use it again!

Best Buds!


  1. Aww... The kids are adorable! I love that you used Paper and Pigtails Party Printables!

  2. What an awesome party Kami!!! Everything is adorable :) We would get along quite well...ha! :)

  3. San Juanita MorenoJuly 3, 2014 at 6:24 AM

    Awesome and cute....

  4. We all have fond memories of our own childhood when we looked forward to putting up the decorations, eating mouth watering meals, and receiving all those longed for presents.Ideas 4 Kids Parties

  5. 4th of July is definately one of my favourite celebrations all year.

    These kids are incredibly cute! I am throwing my own event next year and these are some great ideas!



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