Monday, April 12, 2010

Popcorn cupcakes and snow cone cupcakes

Someone rented my Circus party stuff and wanted me to re-make the Popcorn cupcakes, snow cone cupcakes and my little go to cake... that I love. So here they are again! If you want to check out my last attempt and my great big birthday Circus Bash I gave my daughter (if you missed it) Go HERE to my previous post..




My advice on the birthday cake: First, so I don't offend any wonderful bakers and cake decorators out there... let me just say I love your beautiful cakes, but unless you have a huge budget for your party, you should just keep the cake simple. Go to your local baker and have a 2 layer cake made like this and add your embellishments and people will think it is just as great. Do NOT spent 40-50% of you party budget on your cake. Spend your money in other areas! Ok, that is my advice for FREE!



  1. How cute! How did you bake the snow cone cupcakes in the oven to stand upright? Please email me at if you'd like to provide instructions. Thanks


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