Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DIY Valentines tulle wreath for under $10

RePost: from last year! This was a really cute and cheap idea, so I wanted to share it with you again!
DIY project made for under $10

OK, so i wanted something sweet and cute (kiddy) for my front door.
I made this tulle wreath for under around $8
Get the round Styrofoam wreath from Dollar Tree
4 yards of tulle total (I used 2 yards each) from Walmart
Red and pink ribbon from Michaels
LOVE from Hobby Lobby

Made just like a Rag wreath:
Cut tulle into 15 inch strips doubled up and tie them on in knots
If you mix colors I did 3 in a row of the red and then 3 pink
Push them tight together
Add ribbon last and add something cute to the middle.
I am still going to add something around the door, so it's not so plain!
Lots more projects to come!!!


  1. Very cute, Kami! This would be perfect for a ballet-themed party, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How youthful and fun! Great job! Thanks for the great ideas! Keep up the wonderful work!! :)


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