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St Pactrick's Day ideas

From HWTM blog Great Ideas and pretty things for St Patty's Day
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St. Patrick's Day Ideas

When you think of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I’m guessing the word “chic” isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind, but these smart & stylish ideas from ’round the web prove there’s another side to St. Patty’s Day festivities that’s sans the all-you-can-drink green beer and rowdy pub crowds!

1. Chic St. Patty’s Day DECOR:’s Irish-Inspired St. Patrick’s Day Decor gallery is loaded with lovely green ideas. A few favorites pictured above:
Irish Napkin Decor – simple & rustic… with a shamrock embellishment!
Green Glass Vases - dressed up with copper wire & white flowers
Bells of Ireland – modern & chic when displayed in a simple white vase
Green Floral Bouquet – a fabulous mix of chartreuse flowers, Bells of Ireland, mums, hydrangea, and hypericum.

(Also check out the Bells of Ireland Topiary tutorial.)


2. Chic St. Patty’s Day COCKTAILS:

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Raise a glass with one of these tasty, Irish-themed cocktails:

Dublin Dream (Irish cream, vodka, Chambord, & more)
Irish Snakebite (Irish stout, hard cider, & blackcurrant syrup)
Everybody’s Irish {Irish whisky, green crème de menthe, & Green Chartreuse}
White Knight (Irish cream, Irish Whisky, coconut rum, half & half


3. Chic St. Patty’s Day RECIPES:

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Courtesy of

Courtesy of{clockwise from top left} Beef and Guinness Pie,Bittersweet Irish Chocolate Whiskey Cake, Irish Soda Bread (several recipes available), and Champ (mashed potatoes).

How to make Green Beer from HERE

Three cheers for green beer
Three cheers for green beer!
1.Choose a light colored Irish beer such as Irish Red Ale, Harp or an Irish Amber. While Guinness or Murphy's are popular Irish beers, they're too dark to truly turn green.
  1. 2.Add a few drops of green food coloring into the bottom of a chilled glass.

    3.Pour the beer into the glass.

  2. 4.Observe the green color-especially in the head (the foamy portion at the top of the glass). Add another drop or two of food coloring, if needed. If you add the food coloring after pouring the beer into the glass, it will still work, but you will have to stir the beer.

  3. 5. Toast your friends and family with your green beer on St. Patrick's Day by saying Slainte ("Slawn-Cha"). Slainte is Gaelic and means "good health."

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