Saturday, February 6, 2010

Making my "Crap" room into a functioning "Craft" room!

Ok, by no means is this my dream sewing room, but I live in a 3 bedroom house and share this space with my husband/the office/memorabilia/hockey pictures/ and more. The pictures you see to the left of my "desk" are hockey pictures of my husband that line the walls. He is a retired minor league hockey player and has tons of pictures. At times (during my dysfunctional periods pictured below) he wishes I did not intrude in his space. I wish the same about him and his "stuff" all the time. I dream of what I could do to that room! Really I just want to move and when we do, he is out in the garage! Ha!

Do you think I should paint the big B bright pink to stand out?

So here are pics of the before! It is a shame. Do not judge just be happy I made it out of there alive and I'm somewhat organized again.


I made these labels really just to add something to these old bottles I had.

... and I wonder why I can't keep it clean! Just blame it on this sweet face!!

Now it's time to tackle the closet with all my fabric! How do I let it get this way! Probably cause I can close the door!

Okay here are a few of my dream sewing rooms/office/crafts! I mean really! This is all I want when I grow up! I think I would love creating again! I think being in the space I'm in is really putting a damper on that. I think that can happen with any hobby you have that then becomes your JOB! It kinda takes the fun out of it but then again I'm just happy I have a talent that can be used and produce income while I stay at home with my one and only love!
This would be anyones dream space. I love the mix of styles of furniture.
Shelves, Magnetic Rack, Ribbon Rack, Tools - North East Corner by Crafty Intentions.
An organized space like this would take a few days to create but it would be so well worth it! You would always know where your items are.
View more wonderful sewing rooms I found on SimplyGrove

this sewing room that belongs to Patty Young, designer of ModKid clothing patterns.


  1. I do think that "B" would look so cute painted pink to go with the rest of your stuff. Don't worry about the mess, that's what happens when you're creative!

  2. Thanks for the award!! And I love the new space!! I so need to get all of my ribbon organized like yours!

  3. I LOVE what you did with you Craft room! It is beautiful. Your photos and the other will inspire me to do something with my crap room!

    PS-I will be following you!

  4. First and foremost have I told you lately that I am in love with your blog? It's just amazing and you are so creative. Your space is awesome, I know you said it's not exactly what you dream of, but man you have definitely made it into an adorable space. I would paint the letter. I have the same gold T from hobby lobby and I painted mine white then pink and sand papered it to look distressed it was really cute. I passed it along to my SIL and she loves it too. Anyways I'm blabbing. I was hoping you had the sight were the first dream craft room came from. I have to check that out further! Your a creative genius and someday you'll get your dream room!

  5. Oh how I would love to say I am so pulled together in my office. I love the turquoise room. My office redo seems to be taking me FOREVER!!

  6. PINK B gets my vote, but hello look at your fab space!!!

  7. Where did you purchase your fabulous island from? We are in the process of organizing the sewing room and I'm looking for ideas. LOVE your room!!!


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