Saturday, August 31, 2013

Frankenstein, Witches & Mummies, OH MY!

This is party my friends and I threw together for our kids and a few of their friends last year. I made the invitations (pictured at the bottom) using the Frankenstein, Witch and the cute Mummy so we just went with that theme. I was in charge of the witch food, one friend made the Frankenstein cake and the pudding cups and my other girlfriend made the Mummy Pizzas. 
Like I said this was thrown together for a real party and not a photo shoot! 

The kids had a great time, playing games and painting pumpkins. The snacks were all a hit and super simple when you have Pinterest and crafty friends!

I made this banner over 6 years ago, before I started making smaller banners to sell. It was so easy, I ran the scrapbook paper through the printer twice so it has two layers of ink to make the black really bold. I just printed each letter right on the paper. It has held up and I still use it every year.

I believe these drink labels are from Micheals 
I used red gel in a tube from Michaels to decorate the cups to look like blood, and the blood on the dispenser was Target Halloween last year. They are the window decals. 

Green Bubbly Punch- Make a large bowl of Lime Jello, once chilled add to a large container and "chop" up. The Jello will look chunky in the bottom. Add Lime Sherbet scoops and Ginger-ale to make it bubbly! Yum!

The Sugar Cookies are from Dollar Tree, a dollar each how can you pass them up?

Frankenstein Pudding cups are super easy- vanilla pudding with food coloring and oreos on top!

I found these witch finger suckers somewhere, then added gummy worms and Halloween Style chips from World Market.

These were easier than I thought. I did skip a layer on the hat but the original recipe is from
Taste of Home 

Oh there are so many cute recipes for these, mine were kind not mummy looking but tasted good! 

Em and her "boyfriend"! 
We did a relay race to get wrapped in toilet paper. It was fun and made for cute pictures. We just used the toilet paper from this next game.

Pumpkin bowling.

My beautiful Witch!

Me, my Mom and Emmy

My helpers,  a good witch and 2 bad witches! :)

We deserve to rest our witch feet! 

Custom Invitations, labels and decor by KB Custom Designs can be ordered by email.

Feel Free to Pin any of my photos. Thanks!


  1. SOOO cute!!! Just wanted to let you know that I included the ghost bowling in my roundup of cute ghost ideas and products. Thanks!!

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