Thursday, October 23, 2014

Glamping! 6th Birthday Party

Hello! It's been a while... I have been working hard on my other business and have really neglected the blog. Thanks for all the many visitors I get just from Pinterest and the many emails I get with orders for new kits. I hate to say no at this time to any new orders. 

I'm planning birthday number 7 coming in a month, so I thought it was a good time to blog about my daughter's Glamping Party last November. I have included tons of photos. It was a very cold day! Thanks goodness for this theme, we could sit by the fire and cuddle under blankets.  Please feel free to leave any questions in the comment section! 


I made this tee pee using several different online ideas. We keep it folded up in her room so she can pull it out anytime. 

Food Table

 I accidentally erased the first 45 pictures on my memory card of pictures of the "main" table. I have a few close ups of some things that were on the table, but this picture below is the best I have of the whole table. I was so sad when I realized I did that.

Cake by Taylor Made Cakes

S'mores bar

We had two "Camp Counselors" come to lead the kids in songs. They were great!


My Dad cut the wood for me and I made this camper. I still have it set up in the back of my yard hiding in the bushes. I love it!

I made these cute pillows for the tent!

 Craft Tent

The kids painted birdhouses and made friendship bracelets.


I made a magnetic fishing game. The kids loved fishing "in" the boat! 

Gummy Bait in a sparkle pink tackle box.

Our dog dressed like a bear to scare the kids.

 I designed iron on logos for all the T-shirts.

 Invites by ME!

 We had a indoor sleepover in the tent!

All personalize paper products by KB Custom Designs.

 Hope you enjoyed our party!


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