Monday, January 4, 2010

Cute Valentine project!

I found this today and I will definitely be making this for my "kids crafts" Valentines party coming up! So cute!

I also, another idea that doesn't involve a glue gun and is more kid friendly... use pink cotton candy on top then stick the straws in. So cute and easy with no hot glue gun mess!

Ready to learn? It's so easy!

Here are the materials you will need to make 1 centerpiece:

-a clear, ice cream sundae glass (I picked mine up at our local Dollar Tree store!)
-candy to fill the bottom of the glass (I chose conversation hearts for one, and pink and red M&Ms for the other!)
-a styrofoam circle or half-circle (found in the floral or craft section of places like Walmart)
-pink and white taffy
-2 candy pixie sticks (for the straws)
-chocolate, red-foiled heart
-hot glue gun
-paper to embroider or to write on if you choose to do labels

1. Measure the circumference of your styrofoam simply by placing it at the top opening of the sundae dish. If it is too big, just cut off any excess pieces so that it can fit firmly at the top opening of your dish. Set that piece aside.

2. Fill sundae dish with the candy of your choice.

3. Now place that rounded top snug and firm into the opening of the sundae dish.

4. Press pixie sticks into the foam at the top. If you're having trouble getting them in, you can cut a small slit with a knife and add a little hot glue. Mine went easily in and there was no need to do anything further with this step. Point them in opposite directions at an angle. Cute straws!

5. Carefully glue each piece of taffy onto the foam until the entire top and sides are covered. Squeeze in as many as you can so your top is very full and rounded!

6. Place that chocolate heart cherry at the top, securing it with a little hot glue. Perfect!

You're finished! Wasn't that easy? You should be proud!


  1. Love this! I may do this tomorrow with my kiddos!! Thanks!!

  2. cute for your party too Tracey, done with any candy! so cute! I saw another one that they used cotton candy for the top, so that it was more kid friendly and all eatable.

  3. Thanks for finding our blog. I can't wait to try these projects!!

  4. this is so cuuuute!


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