Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Valentine Tulle wreath

DIY project made for under $10
I'm getting started on the Valentines party I am giving at my for 6-8 girls. We are going to be doing crafts and decorating cupcakes. I didn't have very many Valentine decorations so I have been going nuts shopping. I just love all the PINK & RED!
OK, so i wanted something sweet and cute (kiddy) for my front door.
I made this tulle wreath for under around $8
Get the round Styrofoam wreath from Dollar Tree
4 yards of tulle total (I used 2 yards each) from Walmart
Red and pink ribbon from Michaels
LOVE from Hobby Lobby

Made just like a Rag wreath:
Cut tulle into 15 inch strips doubled up and tie them on in knots
If you mix colors I did 3 in a row of the red and then 3 pink
Push them tight together
Add ribbon last and add something cute to the middle.
I am still going to add something around the door, so it's not so plain!
Lots more projects to come!!!


  1. This is too cute. I own a restaurant and have been looking for a v-day wreath to make and hang on my seven windows, I think I have a winner! Thanks

  2. So I went out today to buy the material to make this. Im home now and reading the blog to see how to cut the strips of tulle. Quick question....when cutting the tulle how wide are you making the strips? Like 1"wide and 15"long? Thanks!!

  3. Hey, No they are much wider more like 3 inches. Tulle is so hard to cut, I didn't measure ( you can't tell) just kinda tried to do about the same size. Pretty thick so they show up. I tied 2 on at at time. Yes about 15 inches long. If you want it to appear larger you can do longer strips.
    Thanks! link me a picture when your done!

  4. Thanks Kami...started working on this tonight and as soon as I get it finished will link you to the picture :)

  5. Great idea. I used black and gold to make a Saints wreath for my front door for a Super Bowl party next Sunday. I used gold Mardi Gras beads and hung a fleur de lis in the middle. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Anyone that made a wreath, send me a picture so I can post it on my blog and give you credit! Thanks for liking it!

  7. I know 100's of people that would love the Saints wreath!

  8. I love this. I wish I would have seen this earlier!!

  9. I wanted to make a similar wreath for my daughter's 5th birthday party. Quick questions...what size wreath form did you use? And how did you get the wooden letters to stay in the middle? Hot glue? Thanks a million! twocrazycupcakes@yahoo.com

  10. just made this and it turned out so cute. I used 6 yards of tulle, pink, hot pink, and red and used a 14 inch foam wreath from Michaels with 40% coupon it was $3 and the tulle from Walmart was $9.00. I paid a bit more for sparkle tulle. Thanks for the great idea.

  11. How did you attach the words?

  12. it was hanging on ribbon when I bought it, I then used another ribbon to tie it on to the wreath. If you have a larger word, you could hot glue it on or use a thin ribbon to go around one of the letters to hang in the middle. I hope that helps.


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