Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentines crafting party for kids

I thought this was going to be a cute little inexpensive party, but my OCD and shopping disorder is really costing me. It's Friday today and Emmy's at MDO, I should be sewing or cleaning but instead I'm crafting, sitting on the computer, and trying to get these invitations sent. I'm loving Valentines though and I know we are gonna have some fun making crafts and eating lots of sweets.
I have a lot more pictures to come of some things I'm working on.
Here is the invitation, simple but cute...I think?

I love you banner I made with my Target $$$ bin papers

$$$ bin LOVE sticker made my candle happy!


  1. What a fun party idea! I may have to borrow it sometime! I love the invitation too! I love the Target dollar spot too!

  2. Cute party idea! Love your banner! I just made my first one for Christmas ~ so fun to make. I enjoyed stopping by your blog & I will be back :)


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